Hail Storm when it first started

Hail Storm At My House


I have been thought many storms at my house, but it has really never hailed before…that is until this evening. Check this video out

It was just crazy it went on hailing for quite some time. It would be real nice if it did enough damange to get me a new roof! :)



Hail Storm when it first started

Tenchi and Jet

Rough Life of a Cat


The life of a cat must be so rough! I mean all they have to do is sit there, eat, sleep, use the litter box, and ignore you when you call it. They seem to only want attention when you just don’t have the time or energy to do it. For instance at this moment, Tenchi is pacing back and forth in front of my monitor trying to get me to pet him. If I do not he will nudge his snout in my face or even try to plop down on my keyboard or mouse. Jet on the other hand prefers to keep admiring from a distance as he is just outside the office looking in.

Tenchi Loves Boxes

It is funny how animals have their own personality! For instance Tenchi loves having his photo taken, when the camera comes out he like totally poses for a close up. If you get a camera around Jet he will freak and almost hide. Tenchi is super curious about things, while Jet is more of a scaredy cat. If i get a package in the mail, Tenchi will hunt me down until i give him the box. He loves being in boxes. He is also a water-aholic. He loves being around water. When he was a kitten I would come home from work and water would be everywhere. I watched him one time after I filled up his water bowl. He puts his arm in there and drags it around,  then when he sits down he hugs it. I tried to stop it by putting one then two cinderblocks around it. It wasn’t until i got a heavy bowl and the blox that i finally stopped that from happening. Tenchi is pretty smart; I can walk up to Tenchi, and tell him to go to his room. He will meow at me several times and go. Need to record him doing this as it is pretty funny. He also likes to flush the toilet.

Lazy Cat sleeping on my work notes.

Jet on the other hand acts like a step child, afraid to do anything. Not sure why but he always likes to hid and stare from a distance. If I call his name, he will come up to me but other than that, just funny how animals can have two completely different personalities. Jet does enjoy being with Tenchi, definitely acts like a little brother lol.

Jet Loves His Teddy Bear

I was really happy as the other day was out shopping, and I found cheap (good quality) kitty litter on sale. I got 100lbs of it for 15 bucks! Score! Don’t have to get any more kitty litter for the rest of the summer!

Don't have to buy litter for a while...

Men in Black 3: Logo

Men in Black 3 Review


When a movie in an established franchise comes out, I really enjoy watching the entire series; so I am refreshed on what is going on and to make sure I don’t miss any of the little things. Honestly it really makes watching the newest movie better. So this weekend we watched all three movies. Starting on Thursday, we all watched the first Men in Black; it has been a very long time since I have seen this movie. It was really good. Then yesterday we popped in the Men in Black 2, and I forgot how good that one was to.



So last night we all got ready to go see the latest chapter in the Men in Black series. I was pleasantly surprised on how much I actually like the movie. Many people that saw it complained that it was just more of the same, and if you have seen one movie in the series you have seen them all. Well even though you could defiantly tell where the movie was headed to, I really must say that this MiB:3 is my favorite movie in the series, not because it is newer, better CGI, or anything else like that. I really enjoyed the story, and how it tied into the other two movies. I think the Josh Brolin did an AWESOME job at mimicking Tommy Lee Jones mannerisms and speech quirks. I did miss seeing a few staples of the series, but overall a really good movie that you should check out if you have the chance.

Bad Cold

Being Sick During Spring Is Horrid!


Well being sick anytime is the complete opposite of fun, but it is worse when it is spring/summer. The reasons that it is already hot outside, so you don’t even wanna bundle up in anything. It is like you are sweating profusely and don’t know if it is your fever breaking or just the heat from outside that is permeating into your house.  Then when you do venture outside due to being low on supplies of tea, Dayquil and more, the heat burns your already raw nose for even more pain. FUN FUN!

I have tried so many things to kick this stupid cold, but nothing is working. I have tried Emergency-C, Vitamin C, Dayquil, Tea with honey, Homeopathic stuff, and let’s not forget about a Hot Toddy at night. It seems like nothing will blast this stupid cold into oblivion. I guess it could be worse, but I sure am ready for it to get better!

Lightning Hitting Tower

Lightning Just Hit a TV Tower


It is storming really bad here, and I was on my way home. Then out of the blue it starts lightning EVERYWHERE. Then all sudden I look over to my left and I saw lightning hit one of the TV Towers as well as a factory in the distance. The TV Tower starting going on the fritz, normally it blinks red lights ever few seconds, but it started blinking like bright LED lights ever few seconds. If you stare at it too long you might have end up with a seizure! That was one of the crazies sights I have seen in a long time!

I just wish that I could have gotten a picture of it!


Titanic Honesty


First time I saw Titanic many years ago, I always thought that there was room for two or three on that piece of wood floating in the middle of the ocean, I mean it was kinda large. It was the meaning between life and death. I know the movie killed him off for the dramatic effect of it all, but seriously work your bodies like a puzzle and find a way to fit. ^_^

Anyways I saw this picture online a few minutes ago and thought it was pretty funny and wanted to share.


I always thought the same thing


The Dallas String Quartet


Recently at North Park Mall, there was an impromptu concert being performed by the The Dallas String Quartet. They really put on a great show. They played many cover songs from any eras: modern, classical, pop, R&B and more. It was always easy (and fun) to try to figure out what song they were going to play next.

One of the things that I really liked about them was the instruments that they were playing. Instead of the normal classical Violin and Cello their instruments were modern look and feel to it.  You can view what they looked like in the video below. This was the only song I was able to take video of at the moment.

If you have a chance, check them out as they put on a great show!


Gotta Love Free Oil Changes!


It was time to get an oil change for my car. I hate getting oil changes as it always seems to take forever. I have always taken this particular car to the same place to get my oil changed. Been going there for years now (hard to believe I bought the car and it has 3 miles on it and now it has over 105,000.) so a few of the people recognize me

So I went in there, and even though my dash board said it needs a long list of stuff (air filter, rotate tires, ect) I knew it just needed an oil chance since I recently took care of many of the items in the list. So I let him know I just wanted an oil change and that was it. After a very long wait, I got my car back and I went to go pay and he said already took care of it, gave me a FREE oil change! LOVE IT!

On the bad side of things, said I needed new brake fluid and power steering fluid. Now I know a lot of times mechanics always try to get you to get more stuff than you actually need, but does anyone know if you actually need to get this stuff replaced? I never did in any of the other cars I have owned.


Nice Checkout Lady At Walmart


I do not have much food at my house. I am not that great of a cook, most of the things I injest at my house come out of a can, box, or a few other packages. One of the few things I do know how to do is grill pretty well, but I didn’t feel like doing that for lunch today. So I went to the pantry and found that I had already eaten the last of my more lunch items, so that means it is grocery store shopping time…boo!

I went up to the nearest Wal-Mart and as always, made a mad dash around to gather various items, so I could quickly go back home, eat, and do more work. So I quickly grabbed a few things and headed to checkout. While I was in the checkout the very nice older lady scanned the milk and said, oh this is on sale at H.E.B. for $0.98, and totally gave me the discount. Very sweet indeed!!!

Random Thought

Random Thought About Mothers/Fathers Day


Don’t you think that it is funny that everyone in the world has to be told to appreciate their mothers/fathers? The world has to set a specific day aside to celebrate all the good things you mom and dad have done for you over the years. That is just kind of funny don’t you think? I mean really you should be grateful every day for the things your parents do for you. There should be no specific day just to memorialize this. I personally like surprises better than just knowing what is going to happen.

Question for you: Wouldn’t it be better to just surprise your parents ever so often with a little something that everyone forcing you to do something on a specific day?

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